How to say dear in Spanish

Hello Learners here you will read How to say dear in Spanish. You can read some sentences in Spanish with the use of “dear.” It is used in many places, such as in letters and at the start of conversations.

It makes the conversation smooth and respectful. And the second person can also use “dear” in his reply.

How to say dear in Spanish :-

                         Dear                           estimado


1) You are my dear brother.

  • Eres mi querido hermano.


2) My dear brother, you are brave.

  • Mi querido hermano, eres valiente.


3) My dear son, you can enjoy your life.

  • Mi querido hijo, puedes disfrutar de tu vida.


4) I am happy, my dear.

  • Soy feliz, querida.


5) My dear, I am proud of you.

  • Querida, estoy orgullosa de ti.


6) My dear, you are honest.

  • Querido eres honesto


7) Dear mother, you are respected.

  • Querida madre, eres respetada.


8) Dear, I will help you.

  • Querido, te ayudaré.


9) Dear , I will meet you.

  • Querido, nos encontraremos contigo.


10) You are welcome to contact us, dear.

  • Le invitamos a ponerse en contacto con nosotros, querida.


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Words in Spanish Language :-

                               Brave                             valiente
                               Enjoy                             disfrutar
                               Help                              ayudar
                               Life                              La vida


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