How to say carrot in Spanish

In this lesson you will read How to say carrot in Spanish. In our daily needs, we use vegetables. When we go to a Spanish-speaking country, we should have knowledge of vegetables in that language.

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How to say carrot in Spanish :-


Carrot  –  Zanahoria


Onion  –   Cebolla

Potatao  –  Papa

Ginger   –  Jengibre

Cauliflower   –  Coliflor

Useful Sentences related to Food – 

1) Is the food ready?

  • ¿Está lista la comida?


2) Have you eaten food?

  • ¿Has comido comida?


3) Can you make food for me?

  • ¿Puedes hacerme la comida?


4) Can you serve food for me?

  • ¿Puedes servirme comida?


5) He helped me with some food.

  • Me ayudó con algo de comida.

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