How to say and you in Spanish

Hello Learners here you will read How to say and you in Spanish. Hello readers, In this section, you will find examples of sentences that we use on a daily basis. It is one of the languages spoken in many countries. If you start practicing, you can learn it. You can start your preparation from the beginning. As your experience increases, you can move farther.

How to say and you in Spanish :-


And you – y tú

1) I am going with you.

  • Estoy yendo contigo.


2) I am happy with you.

  • Estoy contento contigo.


3) And when will you arrive ?

  • ¿Y cuándo llegarás ?


4) And when are you going to rest ?

  • ¿Y tú cuándo vas a descansar ?


5) I am busy, and you are free.

  • Estoy ocupado y tú estás libre.


6) I am happy, and you are sad.

  • Yo estoy feliz y tú estás triste.

Here, English words’ meaning in Spanish is also given.


                           Happy                         Feliz
                           Sad                         Triste
                           Busy                       ocupado
                           Free                         gratis


Practice is very important for learning any language. When we learn new words. If we use them in our speech, it becomes easier for us to learn that language. But when we communicate more with people who speak that language, it becomes easier to learn that language.

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