How to return items to Temu

Hello Here you will read How to return items to Temu. Temu is an e-commerce platform to buy daily-use items. There are a large number of items that you can buy on Temu. Here, you can follow this guide on how to get a refund from TEMU. You should first read that this item is able to be returned. There are some items that are not returnable.

How to return items to TEMU :-

1) First, sign in toTEMU.

2) Now click on Orders. Here you will see that the order has been delivered.

3) After this, click on return, select items, and click on return order.

4) Now you have to provide an image of the product.

5) After this, select the refund method.

6) Your return balance is credited to the original payment method.

You can check the return status on the order page.


1) Can you return every product on Temu ?

No, some products are not returnable.


2) Is return shipping charged ?

Return shipping is free on your first order within 90 days from the date of purchase.

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