How to receive money from Zelle without bank account  

Hello Here you will read How to receive money from Zelle without bank account. But in this case, you should have to link an eligible Visa card, Master Card, or debit card.

How to receive money from Zelle without a bank account :-

1) First, open the Zelle app.

2) Now enter your mobile number or email and click “Continue.

3) Here you will see the “data and privacy box; tick it and tap continue.

4) After that, if you have no account, tap on “Don’t see a bank account.”

5) Now add your visa or Mastercard.

6) And enter the biller’s address and click continue.

FAQ :-

Is there any limit on Zelle?

  • You can send only $500 per week if your bank does not allow Zelle.

When you receive money, there is no limit.

Conclusion :-

Zelle is a payment receipt or transfer platform in the US. You should have a USA mobile number or email to get started with Zelle. But to receive money, you should have a debit card or a master card. Almost all the major banks are compatible with Zelle. You can send or receive money with this app.

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