How to get a Wells Fargo prepaid card

Hello Readers here you will read How to get a Wells Fargo prepaid card. Wells Fargo offers a variety of cards and prepaid cards. There is a monthly fee for this card. You can make free withdrawals with the use of this prepaid card at the Wells Fargo ATM.

How to get a Wells Fargo prepaid card :-

You can get this card by applying online at Wells Fargo’s official site.
Or You can call the customer number to inquire about a debit card.

How you can add money to your Wells Fargo card :

You can direct deposit on the card with your paychecks.
Another option is that you can add money at any Wells Fargo branch.
You can transfer money if you have a bank account.
Prepaid card withdrawal is free.
You can withdraw free at Wells Fargo ATMs, but at other ATMs you have to pay 2.50 dollars plus any charge by the ATM operator.

In final words, you can take this card according to your needs. You can take advantage of free transactions on Wells Fargo ATMs. But there is a fee of $5 per month. If you want a free prepaid card, then this is not for you. You can use mobile banking for all the services. There are many customers who give this card a high rating. If it matches your requirements, you can take it.
And if you want a free transaction on any ATM, then it is not for you. There are some limitations.

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