How to get a Costco Membership

Hello Here you will read How to get a Costco Membership. For those who prefer an in-person registration process, simply visit the membership counter at your local warehouse and complete a membership application form. To enroll online, please access the Membership page.

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How to get a Costco Membership :-

Gold Star Membership :

To secure a Gold Star Membership or Gold Star Executive Membership, we require verification of your age and address. Please bring photo identification displaying your current residential address and date of birth. Following this, we will proceed with your application, capture your photo, and produce your card, ensuring you’re all set for shopping.

For those specifically seeking a business membership or business executive membership, kindly bring along your ABN certificate or business license, along with identification confirming your status as the business owner or operator. Additionally, present a photo ID showing your address and date of birth.

Should you also wish to register for a secondary household card, arrange for your chosen individual to present their photo identification. Eligible nominees include your spouse, domestic partner, or immediate family member over 18 years of age residing at the same address.

Note that an online account will not be automatically generated upon in-store registration. After completing the sign-up process and collecting your card, you can use your membership card number to create an online account.

Gold Membership Information :

Individual Membership Costco offers two types of individual membership: Gold Star Membership and Gold Star Executive Membership. Both options are available for anyone aged 18 and above. To join, visit your local Costco warehouse, bringing photo identification that indicates your current residential address. Once the membership application is finalized, we’ll take your photo and produce your membership card, allowing you to start shopping promptly.

For more details, please refer to our membership sign-up page. It’s important to note that since Costco sells alcohol in Australia, membership requires you to be at least 18 years old.

Business Membership Details :

Membership for Businesses Costco presents two membership choices for business and enterprise use: business membership and business executive membership. Both options enable you to procure items for resale, personal use, or business needs. If you intend to grant shopping access to your employees, you’ll need to include them under your business account, with an associated annual fee per employee.

A valuable perk of our business membership is the ability to conduct two separate transactions at the checkout: one for business-related purchases to generate a tax receipt, and another for personal shopping.

When enrolling for a business membership in-store, please visit the membership counter and provide photo identification that confirms your current residential address. Additionally, furnish your ABN certificate or business license, along with identification demonstrating your ownership or operation of the business. After submitting the application form, we’ll capture your photo and produce your membership card.

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