How to buy stocks on E-Trade for beginners

Hello here you will learn How to buy stocks on E-Trade for beginners. Before any investment, you should have at least three to six months worth of funds in your savings account. If you want to buy any company stock, you first need to know the company’s performance. You can read more points to remember before investing in stocks.

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How to buy stocks on E-Trade for beginners :-


If you want to buy stocks on E-trade.

1) First, open an account with E-Trade.

2) Now you have to add the funds to your E-Trade account. Now you can buy stocks.

3) You will see the investment section. Now select stocks.

4) Now you have to type the stock’s name.

5) When you enter the stock name. You will see the stock.

6) After this, you have to select the quantity of stock. You will see here the current price of the stock.


Here you will see your total investment and quantity of stocks. After reviewing, you can place the order. When you place the order, your stocks will be added to your portfolio. If you want to check the stocks, you can do so in the Portfolio section.


Points to remember before buying stocks :-

  • You can check if the company made more profit than last year.
  • Are the company’s sales higher than last year?
  • You have to make it clear in your mind that you get a profit if the company is making a profit.
  • Is the company giving details on his upcoming products?


When you buy any stock, you have to know the symbol of the stock. Some stocks are listed by symbol.

Before any investment, investors are advised to check the P/E ratio of the stock. The P/E ratio is the relationship between the price of stock and the company’s earnings. P/E ratios are widely followed around the world before buying any stock.

When you buy any stock, check all the details from multiple sources; do not trust a single source. You can check the annual reports of the company before buying stock.

If you are a beginner in the stock market, try to buy stocks of large companies that have relatively stable prices and pay good dividends. Dividends are payments made to stock owners.

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