How to buy coca-cola shares in Australia

Hello Learners here you will read guide How to buy Coca-Cola shares in Australia. To buy the shares of any company you should have demat account. The demat account is used for buying and selling shares of companies. There are stock brokers through which you can buy international stocks.  There is a stock exchange which helps to buy and sell stocks. In Australia there is Australian Stock Exchange ( ASX).

How to buy Coca-Cola shares in Australia :-

Best Stock Brokers in Australia :-

1) CMC Markets

CMC Markets has larger range of instruments. You can access Australian and international stocks with this platform. This platform offers best app design and graphs of shares. It will charge you a $15 monthly account fee when you are inactive for twelve months. (but no deposit or withdrawal fees).

2) IG

IG is the best platform for stock buyers and traders in Australia. It is one of the oldest broker of the country. IG gives to best analysis tools and charts through which you can check the past performance of stocks.


3) Comm Sec

Comm Sec is also a best trading platform in Australia. With this platform you can check stocks and buy them. And you can check which stocks are popular in Australia. This app does not charge any subscription fees for australians.


4) NAB Trade

It is one othe best bank stepping into stock market. You can buy and sell the shares with this app. It helps you analysis the stocks. You can decide which shares are performing well.

How to buy Coca-Cola shares :-


1) To buy shares you have to signup with one of the broker which is listed in Australia , you can decide from upper list.

2) In Next Step you have to open your account , here you have need to complete your application. The documents need is Identity proof and tax document.

3) After that you have to fund your account with debit card or other account.

4) Now you have to search the stock name in search bar and you will see the Coca cola share in list.

5) Here you have to select how many shares you want to buy, select the qunatity of shares.

6) You will see the price of shares.

7) If you want to buy shares at that time you can choose buy. But if you want to buy shares at some low price you have to put the price at which you want to buy the shares when shares reached at that price you order will we placed.

Now , you can check the stocks in portfolio section. So , I think now you can buy the shares.

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