How does Wagetap work

Hello Readers here you will read How does Wagetap work. Wagetap is the easiest method to get money which you have earned. If approved it takes less than one minute to credit money in your account.

How does Wagetap work :-

If you are fulfill the eligibility criteria than you can use this.

You will not able to use this if

  • Your wages are not consistent. If you get wages in proper schedule it is easy for you.
  • And if you have not minimum income
  • Wages are not paid by employer
  • You have too many payments reversals on your account.


How you can withdraw

You can withdraw once every month. You can check you status in activity section.


How much you can take from Wagetap –

It depends on your eligibility you can take 500$.

There are many payday loan companies in market. Before taking loan you should read all the conditions. If you don’t need loan you should not take loan. Taking loan is easy but if you not have regular income than it is hard for you to repay the loan.

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