How does Ria money transfer work

Hello here you will read How does Ria money transfer work. Ria is a money transfer platform through which you can send and receive money in many countries. Here you will read about the steps by which you can send money.

How does Ria money transfer work :-

1) First, open the Ria app.

2) You will see here the option Login and Register. If you are a new user, you have to register first, but if you are an old user, you have to login.

3) After logging in, you will see the options on the left side.
There are many options, such as send money , order history , our locations , order tracking ,contact , language , settings  and terms and conditions.

4) Now you have to select “Send Money” for a money transfer.

5) Here you will see options for cash pickup and bank deposit.
You can select Bank Deposit.

6) Now here you have to put the beneficiary name, bank name, country code, and currency.
When you click OK, you will see that we are validating your bank information.

7) In the next window, you will see the send currency and receive currency buttons. You can also see the conversion rate here.

8) Now enter “apply. After that, you have to submit beneficiary information such as first name, last name, city, and state.

9) In the next window, you will see the details. After checking all details, click “confirm.

10) The money will be transferred in three to four business days.

You can check transaction details in order history. Here you can read all the other transactions.

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