How do you say cheese in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read How do you say cheese in Spanish. You will see words related to the kitchen  in Spanish. Diet meaning in Spanish. If you want to gain knowledge of everyday Spanish language phrases or words, you can read below and along with other lessons.

How do you say cheese in Spanish :-

                             Cheese                        queso
                             Rice                         arroz
                             egg                         huevo
                             diet                         dieta
                            baked                       al horno


Here we have read some words related to the Kitchen in Spanish language.

The Spanish language is not very easy, the most important thing is that we must practice whatever we read, only then we can really know a language well.

Spanish Sentences for Practice :

1) Cheese is my favorite food.

  • El queso es mi comida favorita.


2) I eat vegetarian food.

  • Yo como comida vegetariana.


3) Please serve the food.

  • Por favor, sirva la comida.


4) I am thirsty.

  • Tengo sed.


5) I have eaten.

  • He comido.

Hope you have learned something about the Spanish language from this lesson. Stay connected with us to learn something new every day.

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