How do you say awkward in Spanish

When a situation is unbelievable, you can use the word awkward. How do you say awkward in Spanish. Here are some of sentences for example are given.

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How do you say awkward in Spanish :-

Awkward   –  Extraño

awkward moment   –  momento incómodo


1) This is an awkward area.

  • Esta es un área incómoda.


2) He behaves awkwardly.

  • Se comporta torpemente.


3) He feels awkward.

  • Se siente incómodo.


4) She never felt awkward.

  • Ella nunca se sintió incómoda.


5) He never speaks awkwardly.

  • Nunca habla torpemente.


Awkward Synonym – 

1) Unpleasant

2) troublesome

3) fiddly

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