How do you say apple in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read How do you say apple in Spanish. If you want learn knowledge of everyday Spanish language phrases or words, you can read below and along with other lessons.

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How do you say apple in Spanish :

                     Apple                    manzana


                     strawberry                           fresa
                     grape                           uva


Other sentences for Practice :-

1) I bought apples from the market.

  • Compré manzanas en el mercado.


2) Every morning, I eat an apple.

  • Todas las mañanas como una manzana.


3) Apple is my favourite fruit.

  • La manzana es mi fruta favorita.


4) He likes to eat apples.

  • Le gusta comer manzanas.

Here we have read the names of some fruits in Spanish language and how we can say them in Spanish language.

The Spanish language is not very difficult, the most important thing is that we must practice whatever we read, only then we can really know a language well.

Hope you have learned something about the Spanish language from this lesson. Stay connected with us to learn something new every day.

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