How do you say 20 in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read How do you say 20 in Spanish. You will see One to ten numbers in Spanish. It is good if you practice the language. You can begin with the fundamentals. As you gain some knowledge of basic words, you can learn sentences in Spanish.

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How do you say 20 in Spanish :-


                               20                              Veinte


                               1                               uno
                               2                               dos
                               3                               tres
                               4                               cuatro
                               5                               cinco
                               6                               seis
                               7                               siete
                               8                               ocho
                               9                               nueve
                              10                               diez


Sentences for Practice :-

1) I am twenty years old.

  • Tengo veinte años.

Years – años


2) She is twenty years old from me.

  • Ella tiene veinte años de mí.


3) The town is twenty kilometres away.

  • El pueblo está a veinte kilómetros de distancia.

Town – pueblo

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages. It is preferable if you have some knowledge of Spanish before travelling to a country where the language is spoken. It becomes easy for you.

I hope you learn something new from this lesson. Our goal is to introduce new things to help seekers. You can learn new words in Spanish by reading the posts listed below.

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