Healthy eating habits Essay

Hello Readers here you will read Healthy eating habits Essay. We know a proper diet is important for our body, but our food habits are also important. If our food habits are good, it will have a positive effect on our body.

Healthy eating habits Essay :-

A well balanced diet must be eaten but along with this our eating habits should also be good. Whenever we start eating, it is very important to wash our hands first.

Many people drink too much water while eating which is not good for health. Water should be drunk half an hour before or half an hour after eating. If necessary, you can drink very small amounts during meals.

Drinking water on time during the day keeps the body healthy. While eating, the focus should be on eating only. Television or mobile phone should not be used while eating.

One should not rush while eating but should chew the food slowly. Food should always be eaten fresh.

The use of fried food should be reduced. Fried foods are very harmful to the body.

Food should be done on time. In the evening, the food should be eaten early, if possible, after having the dinner, one should walk a little.

One should never eat too much or too little food as per hunger.

Green vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. Whatever salad is available according to the season must be eaten. Eating outside should be avoided but food should be prepared at home. Apart from this, we should also reduce the use of sugar or salt in food.

  • Food should be eaten on time.

  • One should keep drinking water during the day.

  • Fried food items should be avoided.

  • Green vegetables should be included in the diet.

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