Have + past participle examples

Hello Learners here you will read Have + past participle examples. Learners, in this lesson we will learn how have + past participle is used in a sentence and what is the meaning of using it. You must have seen many English sentences where Past participle is used.

From the past participle we know that the action has already been completed. In a sentence with have + past participle, the third form of the verb is followed by have. Examples of such sentences are given below.

Have + past participle examples :-


1) I have forgotten her.

2) I have played cricket.

3) I have eaten food.

4) I have drunk milk.

5) I have heard that story.


6) I have bought a cap.

7) I have asked that question.

8) I have listened to that music.

9) I have written a letter.

10) I have bought a dress.

After reading all these sentences, you must have learned something new. Our effort will continue to teach you English sentences. You can also read more sentences below to learn English.

And The more effort you put into learning English, the less time you will learn it. Whatever you learn must be practiced as well. You can read moreover posts related to this.

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