Get out of hand meaning and examples

Hello Readers here you will read Get out of hand meaning and examples. This idiom is used when the situation becomes uncontrollable. For example, some sentences are also given with this phrase which will make it easier to understand.

Get out of hand meaning and examples :-


Get out of hand –  Get out of control ; Become too big or too difficult to control

1) Parents do not want their children to get out of hand.

2) The situation has gotten out of hand.

3) When his efforts fail, he says things get out of hand.

4) She said my son got out of hand when he didn’t respect her mother.

5) The teacher complained to his students’ parents that his son had gotten out of hand.

6) He did not want that fight to get out of hand.

7) We should respect time so it does not get out of hand.

8) Actor fans get out of hand.

Hope you have understood the meaning of the phrase well, similarly you can read the other sentences.

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