Give Any four factors which are responsible for the destruction of forests

Hello Readers here you will read Give any four factors which are responsible for the destruction of forests. In these days cutting of trees increasing day by day which affects environment. Due to this pollution is also increasing.

Give Any four factors which are responsible for the destruction of forests :-

There are many reasons for deforestation but here we will look at four reasons that are responsible for deforestation.

1) Construction of roads
2) Construction of buildings and houses
3) Factories
4) Increasing demand for wood


1) Construction of roads :-

Everyday roads are a major cause of destruction of forests. Many roads have been built, but new ones are being built every day. The forests along these roads are constantly being cut down. In today’s time man has become so hurried. That he thinks about how to easily connect one place to another so that more time is not wasted, even if there are forests on the way, but he is ready to cut them down.

2) Construction of buildings and houses :-

The construction of houses is also a major cause of deforestation. The population is growing so much day by day that the need for houses and buildings is also increasing. Many forests are falling prey to these houses and buildings.

3) Factories :-

This is also the reason for deforestation. The number of factories and mills is also steadily increasing.
No one wants to let factories get close to residential areas for fear of pollution. And they are mostly planted outside the city or village due to which many forests are covered by them.

4) Increasing demand for wood :-

Forests are also being cut down to meet the high demand for timber. Because a lot of furniture and matches are made from wood. In addition, wood is used in many other places.

Almost all of the reasons we have read about are the cause of deforestation 

If a human being still does not improve then the consequences will be very bad. In this way deforestation should be stopped. It requires a lot of scrutiny.

Even if a tree needs to be cut down, first of all it is important to know how many trees we are replacing. Not just planting a tree but taking care of it and making it bigger. There is a need to spread more awareness about this.


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