Food Where Does it Come from Question Answer

Hello Readers here you will read Food Where Does it Come from Question Answer. Here we read types of food which living beings eat. we know the importance of food in our life and we will read other questions related to food.

Food Where Does it Come from Question Answer :-

Q1) What is the definition of Ingredient ?

Ans. The items needed to prepare food are called Ingredients.


Q2) Do all living beings need the same food ?

Ans. No, all living beings need different types of food.

As herbivores eat only plants.

Carnivores eat other animals and omnivores eat both plants and animals.


Q3) Why do we eat food ?

Ans. Food gives us energy.

It is essential for the growth and development of the body. Food gives strength to fight diseases.


Q4) Name five plants and their parts that we eat ?

Ans.  Potato          –       Stem

Carrot           –       Root

Wheat           –       Seed

Spinach          –      Leaf

Cauliflower     –      Flower


Q5) Fill in the blanks :-

a) Parrot eats only plant products.

b) Tiger is a carnivore because it eats only meat.

c) The milk that we drink , which comes from cows , buffaloes and goats is an animal product.


MCQ Questions :-

  1. Honey bees are often seen on flowers , why do they do so ?

A) They like flowers

B) They lay eggs on flowers

C) They suck nectar from flowers

D) None of these

Answer.    C) They suck nectar from flowers


2) The part of sugarcane used to make sugar is :

A) Root

B) Stem

C) Flower

D) Leaves

Answer.    B) Stem


3) Which of the following food ingredient is not obtained from plant and animal ?

A) Milk

B) Honey

C) Vegetables

D) Salt

Answer.      D) Salt


4) Animals which eat both plants and flesh of other animals are called ?

A) Herbivores

B) Carnivores

D) All of these

Answer.     C) Omnivores


5) Edible part of Carrot and radish is ?

A) Stem

B) Root

C) Seeds

D) Flowers

Answer.    B) Root


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