Find any Four Adjectives from the Passage

Hello Students here you will read Find any Four Adjectives from the Passage. Adjectives tell us in detail about the noun or pronoun. You can see below passage for Examples. An Adjective is a word that describes a noun or a Pronoun in a sentence. The adjective is further divided into ten parts.

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Find any Four Adjectives from the Passage :-

Passage 1

My village name is Sangatpur. There are beautiful house in my village. The people of the village are honest. Their nature is also helpful to each other. There is also a large school with a modern library.

The Sarpanch of the village is Jaswinder Singh. They do good to the people of the village.


Passage 2

Akash and Rajiv are good friends. Both study in the same class. Both are very smart but different in character. The Akash is kind. He respects adults and teachers. He is very encouraging. Rajiv, on the other hand, is very ruthless. He sometimes uses rude language.

Other Examples of Adjectives :-

  1. This Boy is tall.
  2. Your Father is honest.
  3. She serves us delicious food.
  4. He has two cycles.
  5. I have some apples.
  6. He had no milk.
  7. The car is old.
  8. This is a orange table.
  9. Rajiv is young.
  10. He doesn’t like hot milk.
  11. She is clever lady.
  12. My father is sad.
  13. He is wiser man.
  14. My sister is a strong girl.
  15. My pen is better than yours.


Here in the paragraph the adjectives are represented in red color. Students, we hope you have learned about adjectives.

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