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Hello Students here you will read Few Lines on Respect. Respect is respecting or appreciating someone regardless of age or caste. An example of respect is when the person in front is talking, if someone is listening carefully then it is like respecting that person.

Few Lines on Respect :-

1) Someone will respect us only if we respect someone.

2) First of all we should respect our parents and teachers.

3) With respect, any team can go a long way. Because all the members of the team will respect each other.

4) Only by giving respect to someone does your character become known.

5) Respecting someone younger or disabled than yourself is a sign of a person’s intelligence.

6) If you give respect to someone then you will also get respect in return it will create a kind of peaceful atmosphere.

7) Even if you value time, most people will appreciate you.

8) Respect builds trust in each other.

9) Where there is respect, the results are likely to be positive and where there is disrespect, the results are likely to be negative.

10) Respect is a symbol of peace.

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