Experience of My First Success Essay in English

Hello Readers here you will read Experience of My First Success Essay in English. Success is a word that a person has to go through many hardships while achieving. One has to face many failures before succeeding. Today I am here mentioning my first big success for which I had to overcome many difficulties.

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Experience of My First Success Essay in English :-

I had a dream since childhood to open my own medical store with which I would be able to help people along with income. But I was from a normal family neither too poor nor too rich.

When I wanted to fulfill this dream of mine, during that time I found many relatives and friends who are giving me their opinion that you should choose this job. But I stood my ground.

My father is a farmer. I also joined them in farming and continued my studies at the same time. I joined pharmacy college after passing senior secondary education.

During this time I needed money to pay my fees for which I took time out and started tutoring young children through which I was able to deposit part of my fees. Father also worked hard and helped me to pay my fees.

After four years I completed my studies and was able to open a medical store. I opened a store just a short distance from my village. I managed to fulfill my dream with my hard work and perseverance.

This was my first big success experience.

Lines on Success :-

Experience of My First Success Essay
Experience of My First Success Essay in English

Success can mean something different to everyone. Being satisfied in life is the greatest achievement. Success can never be achieved overnight but it is the result of many days and nights of hard work. It requires a good judgment and acting on it.

For this, it is very important to value time, after that you should have the courage to face defeat, defeats also teach us a lot, but a person should learn from defeats.

Hope you got to learn something new by reading this article.

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