Emotions Starting with W

Hello Grateful Study Readers here you will read Emotions Starting with W. Human emotions are always different. Emotions are something else in happiness and something else in sadness.

Emotions Starting with W :-


Wonder –

Synonym of Wonder :-

Admiration , Amazement , awe.


Worry –

Synonym of Worry :- Scary, unpleasant, thorny, troublesome.


Wrath –

Wanderlust – A strong desire to travel and explore the world.


Examples –

1) I was amazed at the victory of the sky.

2) When a worthless person becomes successful, people are surprised to see him.

3) Pardeep was shocked when he saw Avneet’s bad behavior.

4) When Nirman brought a new vehicle, his parents were surprised.

5) The growth of city surprised us.

6) They seem surprised.

7) Gurpreet felt scared.

Worried Examples : –

1) When one fails, one becomes miserable.

2) Very few people come to a sad person.

3) Children should not hurt their parents.

4) Being sad is not the solution to any problem.

5) Jasneet was worried about her children’s future.

6) Are you worried.


Sentences related to emotions are given above. Hope you got to learn something new. Likewise, keep learning something new.


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