Describe my house in French

Hello Readers here you will read Describe my house in French. A good house is built with a lot of thought. In a good home, the needs of every member of the family are met. Next we will read a few lines about my house in English and French.

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Describe my house in French :

1) Il y a cinq pièces dans ma maison.

2) La maison a une belle cuisine.

3) La couleur de ma maison est jaune pâle.

4) Toutes les pièces de la maison sont ventilées.

5) La maison dispose également d’un parc.

6) Il y a des fleurs colorées dans le parc.

7) Des arbres sont également plantés autour de la maison.

8) Ma maison est à deux étages.

9) La maison dispose également d’une chambre d’amis.

10) Toute la maison est très belle.

In English :-

1) There are five rooms in my house.

2) The house has a beautiful kitchen.

3) The color of my house is pale yellow.

4) All rooms in the house are ventilated.

5) The house also has a park.

6) There are colorful flowers in the park.

7) Trees are also planted around the house.

8) My house is two storied.

9) The house also has a guest room.

10) The whole house is very beautiful.

Home is a place where a person spends a lot of time. Many of his memories are associated with the house. Even if the house is not very big, but a person loves his house.

Owning a home is a dream for many people. There will be happiness in the house only when the whole family is living happily. The greatest thing is contentment, the human mind is never filled with things. A person’s desires increase.

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