Could you please sentences examples

Hello Readers here you will read Could you please sentences examples. We see many sentences in which ‘could you please’ is used. Could you is used to make the sentence polite. ‘Could you’ is used in interrogatives to request or ask for help. But when you want to make the sentence more polite, please is used with could you.

Could you please sentences examples :-

1) Could you please tell me where the shop is ?

2) Could you please help me complete this task ?

3) Could you please give me a glass of water ?

4) Could you please solve my query ?

5) Could you please hold the phone ?

6) Could you please cook food for me ?

7) Could you please drop me at my destination ?

8) Could you please pay that fee ?

9) Could you please contact us ?

10) Could you please feel happy at this moment ?

You can easily understand by reading these sentences. Our effort is to bring new sentence information every day. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

Hope you have learned something new from today’s lesson. You will get to learn some new sentences. You can also read other posts in addition to this. Everyone wants to learn English today. Along with learning, practice is very important.

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