Conocer conjugation Preterite

Hello Readers here you will read Conocer conjugation Preterite. The indicative conocer preterite is used to talk about the actions completed in the past. You will see the examples.

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Conocer conjugation Preterite :

            English            Pronoun             Spanish              English
             I                Yo             conocí             I knew
            You                Tu           conociste             You knew
            s/he knew          (él/ella/usted)           conoció s/he knew, you (formal) knew
           We knew         (nosotros/as)           conocimos     we knew
          you (plural) knew          (vosotros/as)           conocisteis     you (plural) knew
  they knew, you (plural        formal) knew      (ellos/ellas/ustedes)           conocieron     they knew, you (plural formal) knew


Sentences Using Conocer Preterite :

1) I met her at party.

  • La conocí en la fiesta.


2) He met my cousin.

  • Conoció a mi primo.


3) We met his parents.

  • Conocimos a sus padres.


4) They met a lot of new people.

  • conocieron a mucha gente nueva.

These sentences will help you understand the Preterite conjugation of Conocer. You can read other posts.

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