Comparative and Superlative of Good

Hello Readers here you will read Comparative and Superlative of Good. Comparatives and superlatives are adjectives that are used to describe the difference and quality of objects.

Comparative and Superlative of Good :-


                     Comparative                         Superlative
                        Better                             Best


Comparative adjectives are used when you have to describe the difference between two objects.

1) He plays better than me.

2) She is better than Nita.

3) This house is better than that.

4) He is better than Jimmy.

5) This cycle is better.

Superlative adjectives are used to describe the quality of the upper or lower limit of an object.

1) He gives me the best advice.

2) He is the best player on the team.

3) This is the best school in the state.

4) This is the best-planned house in the village.

5) That was my best trip.

6) This is my best dress.

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