CareSuper Review : Unpacking the Benefits and Features

Hello Here you will read CareSuper Review : Unpacking the Benefits and Features. Caresuper is one of the best low-fee and high-return funds in Australia. CareSuper makes a great pick for Australians seeking a hassle-free superannuation service. You will read here about the fees and insurance.

CareSuper Review : Unpacking the Benefits and Features :-

Fees :-

The yearly administration fee for CareSuper’s MySuper product is $345.



  1. Low Administration Fee: CareSuper stands out for its affordable administration fee, which can help you save on costs.
  2. Impressive 10-Year Average Returns: Over the last decade, CareSuper has delivered an outstanding average return of 8.28%, potentially boosting your long-term savings.
  3. Accessible Customer Service Beyond Standard Hours: CareSuper offers the convenience of round-the-clock customer service, ensuring you have support when you need it most.


  1. Income Protection Application Required: Accessing income protection through CareSuper necessitates an application process, which may involve additional paperwork.
  2. Extra Charges for Financial Advisory Services: If you seek financial advice, be prepared for additional fees, as this service is not included in the standard offering.
  3. Recent Negative Performance: It’s worth noting that CareSuper experienced a -3.38% return rate over the past year. This performance dip should be taken into account when assessing your investment options.

FAQ :-

Q1: Is CareSuper a good superfund ?

Ans. The Supercare Fund has low fees and high returns. It is the best fund as compared to others, but it has limited insurance options.


Q2: How can you ensure customer satisfaction ?

Ans. You can call customer care at (03) 9192 4416. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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