Can I upgrade my venture card to venture X

Hello Here you will read Can I upgrade my venture card to venture X. Capital One Venture X is a travel card. You can receive hotel credits on travel bookings. Also, you can access airport benefits. If you make your bookings through this card, you can receive $300 annually as statement credits.

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Can I upgrade my venture card to venture X :-

Yes , You Can upgrade venture card to venture X.

It is also possible when you receive offers from Capital One. You can call customer care, whose number is on your card, and they will tell you your eligibility. If you are eligible and have a good credit score, you will get the Venture X card.

Points for Upgrade :-

Your Capital One account should be opened six months before you request an upgrade. And if you have a good history of on-time payments, it will increase your chances of upgrading.

If you upgrade to Venture X, there is a $395 annual charge.

The Capital One card update process takes a few minutes, and if you are approved, you will receive the card in 7–10 business days. You can use your old card until a new one arrives.

Benefits of the Card :-

Phone protection :

If you pay your bills with a Venture X card, if your phone is stolen or damaged, you will get reimbursed up to $800.

Travel Insurance :

When you use your Venture X card for travel fare, you will automatically cover travel insurance.
If your card is lost or damaged, Capital One is here to help you. You will not be charged for transactions that you did not authorize.

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