Beauty of Nature Essay 100 Words

Hello Grateful Study Readers here you will read Beauty of Nature Essay 100 Words. Nature is a friend of man. It helps man in many ways. Nature is a home of birds and Animals.

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Beauty of Nature Essay 100 Words :-

Nature is a gift to all living things. Nature is a friend of man. I don’t know how much it helps people.

Nature is very beautiful. The beauty of nature includes plants, trees, animals, birds, mountains, rivers and lakes etc. We get to see colorful flowers in nature. Seeing colorful flowers brings great joy to the mind.

Nature is home to many animals. Many animals rely on trees or forests to live.

Everyone wants to enjoy nature but very few appreciate it. Most people don’t care about it. But there are many people who love nature very much.

Nature lovers are different. They see beauty everywhere. Some people find beauty in everything in nature. They learn a lot from nature.

What needs to be done for the Beauty of Nature.

  • Maximum number of trees should be planted for the beauty of nature. Trees should not be cut.
  • Garbage etc. should not be thrown everywhere but should be disposed of at a proper place.


  • The use of polythene envelopes should be reduced and cloth bags should be used. Always use cloth bags to carry items so they can be reused.
  • Wherever possible, bicycles or public buses should be used instead of vehicles. Use of vehicle for single person only should be reduced.
Beauty of Nature Essay
Beauty of Nature Essay 100 Words
  • Houses should not be built in the ways of rivers, streams etc. which can cause great trouble at some point.
  • Organic fertilizers should be used in agriculture.


  • Waste water should not be disposed of in water sources like rivers, lakes etc.

We hope that you have liked this Essay written about the beauty of nature and you will keep these things in mind and cooperate in maintaining the beauty of nature.

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