Australia’s first trackless tram arrives in Perth

Hello Here you will read Australia’s first trackless tram arrives in Perth. Perth has welcomed Australia’s inaugural trackless tram after its long journey from Shanghai, China. It’s currently undergoing testing before considering the possibility of serving a scenic route along Western Australia’s coastline.

Australia’s first trackless tram arrives in Perth :-

The 30-meter-long tram is slated for use on Scarborough Beach Road. However, experts are scrutinizing its technology to ascertain its suitability for a 7-kilometer journey from Glendalough train station to Scarborough Beach.

This innovative tram doesn’t rely on traditional steel tracks; instead, it follows a digital path. It boasts the capability to swiftly recharge at stations in mere seconds while passengers board.

A trial is about to start in the City of Stirling’s administrative parking area in the coming weeks. Local residents and interested parties will have the opportunity to ride the tram as part of a test to see how it works for passengers.

Mayor Mark Irwin of Stirling expressed that the tram plays a crucial role in the city’s ambitious plan to transform the area. He mentioned that they have a grand vision for the Stirling city center and the activity area along Scarborough Beach Road. The CRRC trackless tram is seen as the final element needed to turn this vision into reality.

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