Australian Slang for Afternoon

If you want to travel to Australia, then you should know Australian slang for afternoon. These are the slang words that native speakers of that region use in their conversation. When you learn this type of slang, it makes your conversation smooth.

Australian Slang for Afternoon :-


Afternoon   –    Arvo

Sentences Using Afternnon

1) They will go in the afternoon.

2) He reached her in the afternoon.

3) Today’s market opens in the afternoon.

4) We met him in the afternoon.

5) The meeting starts in the afternoon.

Other Australian Slang Words – 

This Afternoon   –   Sarvo

Breakfast   –    Brekky

Football    –   Footy

Yes   –   Yeah / Yep

No   –   Nah / Nup


HOOROO   –  Goodbye

Bull dust    –    a lie


1) Yah sure.

2) Yes, he is right.

3) Yes, you should go.

4) Yes, he is lying.

5) Yes, that is my home.

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