ASX 200 Futures

Here you can read ASX 200 Futures. Futures in the stock market are like agreements where one person promises to buy and another promises to sell something (like stocks or commodities) at a certain price on a specific future date. These agreements are set up in a standard way and are traded on organized platforms. People use these contracts to manage the risk of price changes in the future. For example, a farmer might use a futures contract to lock in the price of their crops, ensuring they get a certain amount of money even if prices change later. It’s a bit like making a deal today for something to happen at a later date.

ASX 200 Futures :-

As 25 December

7004.8       18.5 %

           Prev. Close                          7022
           Open                          7009.4
           Day’s Range                          6971.3 – 7015.3
           52 – Week Range                           6743 – 7529
          1 – Year change                          0.37%
            Month                             25 Dec
            Contract Size                    A$25 × Index Price
            Settlement type                            Cash
            Settlement day                          21/12/2023
            Tick Size                                1
            Tick Value                                25


          Base Symbol                               AP
          Point Value                           1= A$25


Every futures agreement has a set end date. After this date, the agreement is no longer valid. Traders can pick agreements with different end dates based on what works best for their trading plans. It’s like deciding when a deal should finish, and once that time comes, the agreement is finished, and people might need to make new agreements if they want to continue. This flexibility helps traders match their plans with specific timeframes in the future.

When people trade futures, they often use something called “leverage.” Leverage is like borrowing money to control a bigger investment with only a small amount of their own money. It’s a bit like using a magnifying glass—it can make profits bigger, but it also increases the chance of losing money. So, while it’s a way to potentially make more money, it also comes with more risk, and traders need to be careful because losses can be bigger too. It’s like having more power, but you have to be really careful not to get into trouble.

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