An hour or a hour Which is correct

Hello Readers here you will read An hour or a hour which is correct. We already know that a , i , e ,o ,u are vowels. Before words that begin with these vowels, we use an. We say¬† “an hour” because “hour” begins with a vowel sound. You can see examples of such sentences.

An hour or a hour which is correct :-

1) He writes a letter in an hour.

2) She completes the meeting within an hour.

3) He reached the house in an hour.

4) He travelled a distance in an hour.

5) He returned the parcel within an hour.

6) She returned from the office after an hour.

7) Children get an hour of rest.

8) He wrote for an hour.

You can easily understand by reading these sentences. Our effort is to bring new sentence information every day. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

Hope you have learned something new from today’s lesson. You will get to learn some new sentences. You can also read other posts in addition to this. Everyone wants to learn English today. Along with learning, practice is very important.

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