African Rainbow Capital Share Price

Hello Here you will read African Rainbow Capital Share Price. African Rainbow Capital is a fund-raising company operating in food, IT, construction, and energy. This company’s net income in 2022 will be 71 million USD. The Market cap of the company is 7.60 billion ZAR.

African Rainbow Capital Share Price :

If we see when the price was at its all-time high in the last five years, the price was 776.00 ZAC on March 31, 2023. The Current Price as of August 14, 2023, is 565.00 ZAC.

                     Market cap                           7.60B ZAR
                  Price to Sales ratio                              46.75%
                     Net Margin                              716.04%
                      P.E Ratio                              5.68


Recently, African Rainbow Capital invested in Gosolr. This Gosolr company’s main focus is to provide solar energy in all of South Africa. Gosolr will accelerate solar solutions in South Africa.

This investment of African rainbow capital appears to promote an eco-friendly environment.

FAQ :-

Q1: Will African Rainbow Capital pay dividends ?

Ans. African Rainbow does not pay dividends.


Q2: What is the stock price prediction for African Rainbow Capital ?

Ans. The price can reach 837.00 ZAC.

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