Abrdn Share Price forecast 2025

Everyone wants a good investment. You can read here Abrdn share price forecast 2025. ABRDN takes care of different funds where people, big companies, and groups put their money to grow. They’re good at managing different types of investments, like stocks or bonds, to match what each person or group wants and how much risk they’re okay with. ABRDN works on creating new and smart money products to fit what people need, changing with how money is happening. They’re all about making sure to look after everyone’s money in a way that works for them, as the money world keeps changing.

Abrdn Share Price forecast 2025 :-

              January 2025                           221.05
              February 2025                           223.56
              March 2025                           222.43
              April 2025                           226.32
              May 2025                           219.78
              June 2025                           217.89
              July 2025                            223.67
              August 2025                           227.91
              September 2025                           229.56
              October 2025                           230.87


             November 2025                           230.76
             December 2025                           230.54


In 2026:

  • January: Saw a slight decrease of 1.51% in the stock price.
  • February: Experienced a more noticeable decline of 4.4% in stock value.
  • March: Witnessed a significant drop of 8.13% in stock value.
  • April: Continued the downward trend with a decrease of 3.25% in stock value.
  • May: Showed a substantial rebound, marking a positive increase of 7.19% in stock value.
  • June: Experienced a notable decrease of 15.15% in stock value.
  • July: Witnessed a positive shift, rising by 5.65% in stock value.
  • August: Showed a substantial decline of 19.63% in stock value.
  • September: Continued the downward trend with a decrease of 4.65% in stock value.
  • October: Bounced back, displaying a positive increase of 3.54% in stock value.
  • November: Continued the upward trend with a significant increase of 6.8% in stock value.
  • December: Ended the year positively, marking a 1.33% increase in stock value.

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