5 Things to watch on the ASX 200 on Monday

On Friday, there was a decline in the ASX 200 Index. You can read here 5 Things to watch on the ASX 200 on Monday. But on Monday, there is an expectation of positive pops. For a follow-up, you should check some of the things listed below.

5 Things to watch on the ASX 200 on Monday :-

The ASX 200 is expected to rise on Monday :

There is also a rise in other stocks in Australia, such as Wells Fargo, which rose 1.21% on Monday. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia also rose 0.18% on Monday.

Oil Prices Jump :

If we see oil shares, then there is also a positive uptrend. Beach energy popped 0.33% on Monday. There is also a rise in the price of crude oil.

Before buying any stock, you should check

Debt Levels: Imagine you’re checking on a company, like looking at its financial report. One important thing to see is how much money the company owes to others. This is called “debt.” If a company has too much debt, it’s like having a big pile of bills to pay. Just like how too many bills can be a problem for us, too much debt can be a problem for a company. It’s a risk because if they can’t manage those bills well, it might cause trouble.

Cash Flow: Now, think about the money that flows in and out of a company. We call this “cash flow.” It’s like looking at how much money is coming in (like when you get your allowance) and how much is going out (like when you spend money on toys or snacks). For a company, it’s important that they have more money coming in than going out. This is called “positive cash flow.” It’s crucial because, just like we need enough money to cover our expenses, a company needs enough money to run its business smoothly. If they’re not managing their money well and there’s not enough cash coming in, it can cause problems for the company.

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