5 Sentences using was

Hello students, Here you will read 5 Sentences using was. It indicates that the sentence is in the past tense. You must have seen many sentences in which “was” is used.
English today is a language that everyone wants to learn. It is critical to practice when learning the English language. Keep learning new words.

5 Sentences using was :-

1) I was sleeping.

2) I was hungry.

3) I was driving.

4) He was eating.

5) His brother was crying.


6) Where was your dress?

7) Where was your sister?

8) How was his nature?

9) Who was that person?

10) Who was present there?


11) He was very fast.

12) He was a lucky person.

13) Harry was absent.

14) He was helpless.

15) John was happy.


16) She was a singer.

17) Jonty was confident.

18) He was a lawyer.

19) She was a listener.

20) Who was the teacher here?

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