5 Sentences using estar

Hello Readers here you will read 5 Sentences using estar. Ser and estar are two important verbs in the Spanish language. Both of these mean to be. Their use is distributed over different categories in the Spanish language.

Estar is used to express a short-term condition. As is done to convey location, mood, physical condition, result of action, unnatural color etc.

5 Sentences using estar :

1) Está triste.

2) Está enojado.

3) Está cansada.

4) Está sentado.

5) La camisa es blanca.

In English

1) He is sad.

2) He is angry.

3) She is tired.

4) He is sitting.

5) Shirt is white.


A) Location

Estar is used to describe a permanent or temporary place. Examples of this are –

1) I am in my room.

2) Where do you live ?

B) The mood

A person’s moods are short-lived just as he can be very happy and sad for a short time.

1) Su familia está furioso.     –     His family is furious.

2) Él está triste.                    –       He is sad.


C) Physical condition –

Estar is also used in Spanish to describe a physical state.

1) Él está perfectamente bien.     –    He is perfectly fine.

2) Tim está cansado                    –    Tim is tired.

Estar Sentence

Many boys are in the house.
Are the children in the living room?

Vocabulary words take the verb estar.

  • Delicious
  • Crazy
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Table
  • Room

Hope you learn something new.

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