5 Sentences using does

Hello learners here you will read 5 Sentences using does. Learners In today’s lesson we will learn about the use of does. Does is used to talk about actions. And it is also used with pronouns. You must have seen many sentences in which does is used.

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5 Sentences using does :-

1) He does his homework.

2) He does not have permission to go.

3) He does not have free time.

4) She does not like you.

5) She does not like to drive.


6) He does not like to play cricket.

7) He does not like to wake up early.

8) He does not like to ask for permission.

Does is used to form interrogative sentences :-

9) Does he prefer coffee?

10) Does he cook food?

11) Does he like ripe mangos?

12) Does he get success ?

13) Does he get food ?

14) Does he enjoy holidays ?

15) Does he often come late ?

16) Does he exercise regularly ?

Hope you enjoyed this lesson.

You must have learned something by reading these sentences. Our effort will continue to teach you English.  Also you can read other posts below which are related to English.

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