30 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

Hello Learners here you will read 30 Sentences in Simple Present Tense. Simple Present Tense sentences are identified by the s/es attached to the first form of the verb. “Do” or “does” is used to make an interrogative sentence in this tense. Some sentences are given below as examples of such sentences that you can understand.

30 Sentences in Simple Present Tense :-

1) She writes letters.

2) He sings a song.

3) He helps her.

4) I play football.

5) I drive car.

6) I like fruits.

7) He gets up early in the morning.

8) He lives in a village.

9) Harry cooks food.

10) He goes to school.


11) He attends the meeting.

12) I eat food.

13) I know him.

14) I convey a message to him.

15) Rita cleans the room.

16) He takes a rest.

17) I ask him.

18) Garry walks in ground.

19) I spent time with her.

20) He drinks water.


21) He cleans the room.

22) He talks with Tim.

23) I guide him.

24) He gives food to John.

25) I enjoy dinner.

26) He calls me.

27) He behaves well.

28) He begins his journey.

29) Aman believes in God.

30) She avoids tea.

Simple Present Negative Sentences :-

1) I do not go there.
2) I don’t play football.
I don’t know him.
4) You don’t work well.
5) They do not come here.

Interrogative Sentences :-

1) Do you know ?
2) Do they live in city ?
3) Do you like him ?
4) Do you go to the office ?
5) Do you never tell a lie ?

Rule for Interrogative Sentences –   Do / Does + subject + v1 + object ?

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