2 Minute Speech on Humanity

Hello Readers here you will read 2 Minute Speech on Humanity. Man can do many things for the welfare of people. He can help the needy, and he can show kindness to people. Everything in this world is constantly changing. You must do something for someone if you have the ability to do so.

2 Minute Speech on Humanity :-

Humanity means being kind to others or helping others. Out of all the creatures on this earth, man is the only one who can help others. Only a human being can give courage to another human being by listening to his suffering.

It is not necessary that we become very rich but we can work for humanity. The most important thing for this is to have a sense of compassion towards others. If an elderly person has any need, he can be helped.

If a old person is crossing the road, you can help him to cross the road. We will find many such people whom we can help.

Today there is a lot of progress in the world but humanity is lagging behind. Today, in many places, the difference is seen on the basis of caste, rich and poor, etc. In many places, cunning is seen in the place of kind feeling. There are many people who do not help anyone else but also play tricks with their own family.

If we continue to do this today only after money, we may never make a place in anyone’s heart. When you become a support to a person in need, the blessings given by him will be of great help to you.

Wherever a man goes, he should spread happiness, which will increase love. If you make someone happy, that person will always wait for you.

Man should not run after money, fame etc. but should work for the welfare of humanity. Good deeds done by man will always be remembered.

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