10 Sentences with first conditional

Hello Readers here you will read 10 sentences with first conditional. It is a combination of present simple and future sentences with if. You have seen many such sentences in which if is used. The first conditional refers to the future. It is used when there is a possibility that the if-event might happen.

10 Sentences with first conditional :-

1) If the doctor can’t teach me, I’ll go somewhere else.

2) She’ll call you If she has time.

3) What will we do if the car doesn’t come ?

4) I give them help if they ask me.

5) You can ask me if you have any problems.

6) If I get a ticket, I’ll go next week.

7) I can give you fruit if you like it.

8) If I get a holiday, I will go on a trip.

9) If you work hard, you will succeed.

10) I will make a complaint if you annoy me.


a)                if + present simple             future

                   If you come at ten,              we’ll be ready


b)                  or future                      if + present simple

                  I’ll pick you up later            if you phone me.

You can easily understand them by reading these sentences. Our effort is to provide new sentence information every day. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

I hope you have learned something new from today’s lesson. You will get to learn some new sentences. You can also read other posts in addition to this one. Everyone wants to learn English today. Along with learning, practice is very important.

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