10 Sentences with Apostrophes

Hello Learners here you will read 10 Sentences with Apostrophes. In this Lesson you will find the sentences with Apostrophe. English is a language that is understood by people of every country. Many people are inclined towards English. Practicing is very important to learn the English language. Keep learning new words. Must practice making sentences in English.

Apostrophe – The ’s is added after singular nouns or names.

10 Sentences with Apostrophes :-

1) I took a ride in Rita’s car.

2) I spent the night at Ravneet’s house.

3) Rita is wearing her mother’s shoes.

4) Jaspal’s cat is very active.

5) There is a bird’s nest in that house.

6) Mani’s house is so beautiful.

7) There are so many beautiful houses in that city.

8) He loves everybody’s nature.

9) She goes to her aunt’s house.

10) Rimpy’s nature is sweet.

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