10 Sentences using under

Hello Readers ,here you will read 10 Sentences using under. You must have seen many such sentences in which you have seen the use of under. This word is used in such sentences where the place of something is to be told where it is. Below are examples of such sentences in which under is used.

Under – something lower than something.

10 Sentences using under :

1) Sunny was sitting under a tree.

2) He was walking under a tree.

3) She starts work under the control of Jimmy.

4) The ball is placed under the table.

5) Teachers are working under the control of the principal.

6) You are under the guidance of Monty.

7) He is under stress.

8) He is standing under the roof.

9) She parked his car under the store.

10) He is sleeping under the tree.

There are some sentences that we use every day in our lives; even by learning such sentences, we can increase our knowledge of English.

By preposition in English, we know which sentences we use: at, in, for, in front of, below, with, on, under.

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