10 sentences using the

Hello Readers here you will read 10 sentences using the. You must have seen many such sentences in which you have seen the use of The. The is used before a noun when talking about a certain person or thing. Similar sentences are given below.

The word the is called the definite article.

10 sentences using the :-

1) The house is beautiful.

2) He attended the party.

3) He is the match’s victor.

4) We watched a movie in the cinema.

5) I bought fruit from the market.

6) He enjoyed the work.

7) The teacher was intelligent.

8) He cleaned the office.

9) He likes to play on the ground.

10) The children were happy.

Determiners in English grammar tell us where the, a, an are used. When we have to learn English, grammar also has a lot of role in it. This can be made easier with Grammar.

There are some sentences which we use every day in our life, even by learning such sentences we can increase our knowledge of English.

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