10 Sentences Using of

In this lesson you will read 10 Sentences Using of. When you want to make a sentence in English, you should have some knowledge of English grammar. Of is used in so many sentences. You can read examples of such sentences.

10 Sentences Using of :-

1) He is one of them.

2) I am proud of her.

3) It is kind of like this.

4) He is a native of this village.

5) She is out of work.

6) The student was out of patience.

7) He is thinking of me.

8) No one of these is allowed.

9) She made fun of him.

10) One of them goes out.

11) He is out of food.

12) She is full of hope.

13) He is a fan of that singer.

14) He is the winner of the game.

15) She is proud of her family.

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