10 Sentences using going to

Hello Readers here you will read 10 Sentences using going to. You must listen to such sentences in order to understand them. Practice is essential in English; as you practice, your speaking improves. 

10 Sentences using going to :-

1) I am going to the market.

2) She is going to watch a movie.

3) He is going to attend the meeting.

4) He is going to be angry.

5) Tim is going to buy a new house.

6) She is going to think about it.

7) He is going to rest today.

8) They are going to exercise.

9) He is going to join our team.

10) She is going to address the team.

There are four types of sentences in English. The first one contains information. Other interrogative sentences are sentences in which a question is asked. Third sentences are those with an order. The fourth type of sentences are those in which the feeling is shared.

There are some sentences which we use every day in our life, even by learning such sentences we can increase our knowledge of English.

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