10 Sentences using For

Hello Learners here you will read 10 Sentences using For. Learners In today’s lesson we will read sentences using for. You must have seen such sentences in which for is used.

10 Sentences using For :-

1) He cooked for me.

2) My mother bought clothes for me.

3) Harry is ready for anything.

4) I left my city for work.

5) It was an honor for me.


6) He sat in silence for some time.

7) The team worked hard for the match.

8) It was a surprise for me.

9) He brought tea for me.

10) I bought a gift for my father.

11) Thanks for inviting me.

12) It was a very difficult task for him.

13) He sought help for himself.

14) He goes for a walk every morning.

15) He sent a message for you.

By reading and understanding these sentences, you will have increased your knowledge. Our effort will continue to teach you English. If you like it then you can definitely share the post further.

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